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aeoon DTG Now Available at Xpres!

aeoon DTG Now Available at Xpres!
aeoon Technologies full range of automated industrial DTG printers and pretreatment units are now available in the UK exclusively at Xpres.
aeoon’s DTG printers are made in Austria and feature industrial print heads with a print resolution up to 2400dpi with the ability to print photorealistic designs, gradients and shadings. They can also print onto complex fabrics and dark polyester for a diverse range of applications thanks to the huge choice of platens available.
Designed for effortless web shop connectivity via API interfaces, these intuitive, low maintenance machines have low energy consumption and use GOTS certified water-based inks.


The aeoon Kyo Link Series is for companies that aim to work with the most technologically advanced DTG printers on the market and we’re delighted to have a demo unit in our customer Inspiration Suite.
It connects complex front-end interfaces with demanding back-end processes, can be linked with a wide variety of applications and uses the most modern RIP software. The Kyo Link Series allows effortless connections to a homepage, online shop and API interfaces. Further highlights are an integrated projector, scanner and heat press with which R2P materials can be pre-pressed. Of course, in addition to the smooth human-machine interaction, as with all aeoon printers, you achieve unrivalled production capacities with the highest quality print results.
The Kyo Link Series is therefore the most suitable printer for companies with high production volumes and automation requirements, which want to remain competitive and well equipped to produce for future market requirements.
Book demonstration by calling 01332 85 50 85 or email [email protected]